Friday, November 2, 2007

The Amazing Quran

Imran Yousaf  |  at  4:16 AM  | No comments


One thing which surprises non-Muslims who are
does not
examining the book very closely is that the Quran
appear to them to be what they expected. What they
assume is that they
have an old book which came fourteen
centuries ago from the Arabian desert; and they
that the book should look something like that -
an old
from the desert. And then
book they find out that it does
not resemble what they expected at all. Additionally, one
of the first things that some people assume is that because
it should
it is an old book which comes from the desert,
talk about the desert. Well the Quran does talk about the
desert - some of its imagery describes the desert; but it also
talks about the sea - what it’s like to be in a storm on the

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